Becoming More Artistic

3 Ways To Enhance The Visuals Of Landscape Art Prints

If you want to make a statement on the walls of your home, you could purchase large landscape art prints. The landscape prints could showcase a wide range of different designs and visual elements like forests, mountains, and bodies of water. When you go to set up landscape art prints, you can find a variety of ways to enhance the prints and improve the visual designs.  Check out some of the ways to enhance landscape prints and really make the artwork shine on your walls. Read More 

3 Ways Humidity Can Impact Collectible Movie Posters

Collecting movie posters is a fun way to celebrate your favorite films and showcase some classic pieces of art. When you collect movie posters, you want to ensure the prints stay in mint condition and can last for years to come in the future. Humidity causes some of the main forms of damage to a poster. When you do not have your collection of posters hung up, you will want to seek out humidity-controlled storage options to keep the posters protected. Read More 

Bold Borders: Custom Picture Frames for Any Style

From an intimate moment that is captured in a photograph to a watercolor painting that delights the senses, art is meant to be preserved. Finding the right frame for your art will mean searching for more than just a product, but the perfect complement to the art to be contained within. With custom frames, you can easily find the perfect frame that will suit the overall theme you're going for without overwhelming the artwork it holds. Read More 

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Becoming More Artistic

Have you ever truly created something beautiful? I have always loved the idea of creating great art, but when I first started, I was less than amazing at painting, drawing, sketching, and sculpting. Fortunately, a talented art instructor really helped me to find my way, and it was remarkable to see how much of a difference she was able to make for me. She helped me to learn the finer points of design, and within a few months I could tell that things were really coming together. I wanted to start this blog to inspire other people to become more artistic, no matter what they might have on their plates.


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