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3 Ways To Enhance The Visuals Of Landscape Art Prints

If you want to make a statement on the walls of your home, you could purchase large landscape art prints. The landscape prints could showcase a wide range of different designs and visual elements like forests, mountains, and bodies of water. When you go to set up landscape art prints, you can find a variety of ways to enhance the prints and improve the visual designs. 

Check out some of the ways to enhance landscape prints and really make the artwork shine on your walls.

1. Accent Lights

When you hang a piece of art on the wall, you want to stand out no matter what time of day you look at the piece. Natural light changes, shadows, and artificial lights could all impact the visuals of your landscape art. Keep your art print visible at all times with the use of accent lights.

Small accent lights will shine up on the canvas to create a nice glow and allow you to see all the details at any time. When you shop for accent lights, you want to ensure the lights do not create a glare and offer enough light coverage to illuminate the whole painting. The lights you choose will depend on the size of the painting.

Typically, you will mount the accent lights underneath the painting and shine the lights upward. The upward lights can help eliminate excess shadows.

2. Backlit LEDs

Enhance the visual of a painting with some backlit LED lights. The LED lights will add a soft glow of color behind a painting and make the painting seem even larger. For example, if a landscape painting mainly features water, you could use a blue backlight to add a soft glow around the whole canvas.

If the landscape features lush forests or fields, then a green LED light can enhance the visual. This small touch can make a big difference in the visual design and add to the overall view of the painting.

3. Wall Paint Colors

Instead of an LED backlight, you could transform a whole wall to match a landscape painting. More subtle colors will help a painting blend in more and create a nice cohesive look for a room. Before you hang up a painting, you could find a color that matches the design and paint the wall in that color.

You could use paint color sample matching tools to find the exact colors featured in the painting as well. The color match tools will allow you to use matching hues so the painting fits the wall theme even more.

Play around with different design ideas and elements to transform the rooms you decide to hang your paintings in.

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