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Bold Borders: Custom Picture Frames for Any Style

From an intimate moment that is captured in a photograph to a watercolor painting that delights the senses, art is meant to be preserved. Finding the right frame for your art will mean searching for more than just a product, but the perfect complement to the art to be contained within. With custom frames, you can easily find the perfect frame that will suit the overall theme you're going for without overwhelming the artwork it holds. Read ahead for a few types of custom frames that will be perfectly suited to your artistic needs. 

Reclaimed Rustic 

Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful when used in picture frames, but is an excellent option for those looking for more sustainable options when it comes to framing their art. Offering an imperfect rustic appearance, reclaimed wood will give your featured art a down-to-earth feel that emphasizes natural materials. Perfect for nature photography, a reclaimed custom frame would look beautiful paired with a photograph of a scenic mountain range, a majestic waterfall, or a tranquil stream flowing This type of frame would also be fantastic for complimenting a more romantic feel, such as engagement or wedding photographs. 

Nautical Dreams

There's nothing quite like a distressed frame that beautifully surrounds a scene of the beach, boats, or sea life. With a slightly worn look, a distressed frame will evoke the effects that the salty air and seas have on their natural landscape. Photography or art that would work especially well for a nautical theme would be scenes of wooden boats, perched seagulls, or stunning coastal bluffs. Painted wood is another way you could incorporate a feel that's suited for the seas. Dark navy, white, and gold would be the perfect accents for a frame featuring a nautical scene. For a fun twist on the nautical style, you can also include a flourish of rope that provides a unique border!

Modern Metallic

If you're looking for a more sleek and modern look, consider metallic frames. Offered in a variety of colors, these frames have a simplistic yet elegant look that is both bold and elegant at the same time. Solid black, silver, or gold metallic frames are especially stunning, providing a classic feel that puts the focus on the art itself. Portraits will stand out in these minimalistic frames, allowing the subjects to take the spotlight. This type of frame is also excellent for black and white photography of any subject. From a pensive portrait to an intricate look at the architectural detail of your favorite city, these images will truly shine in a metallic frame. 

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