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3 Ways Humidity Can Impact Collectible Movie Posters

Collecting movie posters is a fun way to celebrate your favorite films and showcase some classic pieces of art. When you collect movie posters, you want to ensure the prints stay in mint condition and can last for years to come in the future. Humidity causes some of the main forms of damage to a poster.

When you do not have your collection of posters hung up, you will want to seek out humidity-controlled storage options to keep the posters protected. Learn some of the ways humidity can impact a poster and create possible damage.

1. Warped Edges & Wavy Designs

The thin material of a poster makes the artwork sensitive to high humidity levels. Over time, excess exposure to humidity can cause a poster to become wavy. A wavy poster may not sit right in a frame and can become a challenge when you hang the poster on a wall.

You may try to flatten the poster, but sometimes you cannot reverse the damage. A humidity control storage unit would protect your posters and prevent the wavy appearance.

2. Rusted Canvas Staples & Nails

Some movie posters may come attached to permanent frames or wrapped over a canvas. The metal parts of those elements could end up rusting due to excessive humidity exposure. Rust elements could flake off and stain parts of a poster or canvas. Excessive rust could cause nails or staples to fall out completely and cause damage to a poster.

Humidity control will prevent the rust of metal elements and ensure your poster remains in mint condition.

3. Mildew & Mold Growth

Humidity can create the presence of excessive moisture in an area. The back of movie posters often feature pure white elements where mold and mildew can grow. You may suddenly see patches of mildew on the back of movie posters. The growth of mold can pose health risks and you may have to throw your poster away if the condition worsens.

An attempt to clean the mildew off could ruin the poster as well. A humidity-controlled storage option reduces moisture in the area all year round. You do not need to worry about the growth of mildew and the back of your posters will remain clean. You can store your posters in multiple methods and do not need to worry about exposure to mold.

Search for storage options near your area. Along with movie posters, the humidity control will help with any other works of art you own. 

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