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Participate in a Snowscape Watercolor Course

Do you long to view snow-covered mountains or a winter wonderland, complete with frosty surfaces that have been untouched by humans and animals? Sure, the weather may have turned warmer and the prospect of winter may seem to be far in the distance, but if you are someone who enjoys art, you can participate in an online watercolor painting course that will teach you to recreate the scenes that are embedded in your mind.

Choose a Course

A beginner's course will encompass the basics associated with watercolors. This includes the type of watercolor paper that will yield the best results, the different types of brushes that you will need to use when applying and blending paint, and the range of colors that can be acquired by mixing paints. Some courses deal predominantly with landscapes and you may even be able to find one that focuses on snow scenes.

Learn How to Create Snowy Scenes

There are different ways for snow to be created on a piece of paper, and your instructor will discuss the methods and materials that are going to be introduced in each lesson. White and blue paint is utilized, especially when snow is being added to small areas of the paper. For scenes that depict a snow-covered surface that has been walked upon, you may be instructed to use several different colors of paint so that you can create footprints and shadowing that are realistic.

Masking fluid is another item that your instructor may recommend. This product will repel water and paint, ensuring that areas that are going to resemble snow are not affected by colors that are being applied to another part of the painting. If your teacher suggests that you use masking fluid, you will learn how to determine how much of the product is needed, the proper way to mix and apply the fluid, and how to remove the product when you are done. 

Use the Snowscapes as Decorations or Gifts

What will you do with the creations that you acquire after taking an online course? Purchase some wooden or laminate frames to house the paintings in and hang the artwork on bare walls in your home, or give each one away as a gift this holiday season.

Imagine being discreet about the painting course and your efforts to learn about watercolors and then getting to reveal the surprise when your loved ones unwrap the gifts. Plus, homemade gifts will go a long way when it comes to demonstrating your passion and attention to detail.

For more information about watercolor courses, look into businesses like Birgit O'Connor Watercolors.

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