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Six Mistakes That Could Detract From the Condition of Your Bronze Sculpture

One great advantage of having a bronze sculpture is that this material generally doesn't need a great deal of maintenance. However, you will still need to maintain your sculpture periodically to keep it in the best possible condition. 

The following are six mistakes you need to avoid that could detract from the condition of your bronze sculpture. 

1. Not taking the time to inspect your bronze sculpture once in a while

Although a bronze sculpture shouldn't require a great deal of maintenance, you'll still want to inspect your sculpture once in a while to look for any issues like oxidation that are developing on its surfaces. You'll also want to look out for residue accumulation and have your sculpture cleaned if you notice that any residue or debris is building up on it. 

2. Exposing your bronze sculpture to climate extremes

Bronze sculptures can become damaged over time if they are exposed to excessively high temperatures or humidity levels. Bronze sculptures kept indoors should be protected from climate extremes. If you're keeping your sculpture outdoors, you should do what you can to protect it from exposure to precipitation or extremes of humidity and temperature. 

3. Failing to remove dust from your bronze sculpture regularly

Simply removing dust accumulation from a bronze sculpture is a simple thing you can do to keep your sculpture looking great. Dusting is harmless and helps to prevent residue buildup on a sculpture. It is also a fairly quick and easy chore that helps keep your sculpture clean and tidy. 

4. Attempting to clean your bronze sculpture with harsh cleaning products or waxes

While periodic cleanings are important to keep a bronze sculpture looking good, it's important to avoid cleaning it with harsh chemical cleaners or waxes that are designed for other materials. You should only ever use cleaning or wax products on bronze if they were specifically designed for this unique material. 

5. Trying to clean a bronze sculpture with chlorinated water

You should never clean a bronze sculpture with chlorinated water. Exposure to chlorine can negatively impact the appearance of the patina that is often used to contribute color to the surface of your bronze sculpture.

6. Neglecting to get professional maintenance performed

If you want to keep a bronze sculpture in the best possible shape, it's best to have a professional handle any thorough cleanings. It's also best to have professionals maintain the wax coating on your bronze sculpture.

Bronze sculptures are usually coated with paste wax to prevent oxygen from causing oxidation on the surface of the material. This wax will wear away over time and need to be replaced through professional waxing. Learn more by contacting custom bronze sculpture companies. 

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