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Three Types Of Unlicensed Gaming T-Shirts To Get The Video Game Enthusiast In Your Life

If you're looking for gift ideas for the avid video game player in your life, games, accessories, and even gaming furniture might immediately come to mind. You should also give some thought to clothing that the gamer will enjoy wearing. While there are lots of licensed products to consider — namely, apparel that features the name, logo, and images related to certain popular video games — you can also find a number of unlicensed products online. These garments don't relate to specific video games, but instead, have broader themes that many gamers will enjoy. Here are some types of unlicensed gaming T-shirt designs to consider.

Humorous Apparel

If you want to find gaming clothing that takes a humorous approach to how much time the gift recipient spends playing games, you'll have no trouble. There are many different manufacturers who produce clothing for gamers with a humorous twist. For example, you might find something that says, "Eat, Sleep, Game," or another garment that reads, "Gaming Isn't Everything — It's The Only Thing." Such apparel can be fun for the gamer to receive and wear, especially if they are about to laugh at themselves about the amount of time they spend gaming.

Empowering Apparel

There's a misconception that video games are mainly something that boys enjoy, and while it might be true that lots of serious gamers are male, there's no arguing the fact that plenty of women enjoy video games, too. If you're buying for a girl, look for a shirt or other type of apparel with an empowering message. For example, you might find a shirt that reads, "Yes, I'm A Girl. Yes, I'm A Gamer." Such gifts can not only create a smile but can also encourage the girl to keep enjoying her passion for gaming.

Confident Apparel

Many gamers exude confidence, so if the person getting the gift has this mindset, there are all sorts of confident apparel that you can think about buying. You might find a shirt that reads, "Trust Me, I'm A Gamer" or something that says, "Future Video Game Professional." It's important to realize that many people of all ages actually make a living playing video games, so if the person getting your gift has a goal of one day turning pro, they may actually feel encouraged by this type of apparel — and appreciate you supporting them.

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